Our Programs

Private lessons

These lessons are one-on-one and focus on specific dance and personal goals for each student. No partners are needed for private lessons. Private lessons are the best way to achieve results in the shortest period of time. You will be able to refine your dancing skills, while being able to dance at your own pace and improve faster than anyone else around you. The convenience of private lessons allows you to make an appointment with your instructor at a time that will work best for you. SlavaTalent instructors are available for private lessons 6 days per week to accommodate your schedule.


Group lessons

Group classes are a fantastic addition to your personalized dance program since you can practice new steps and review steps you may have already learned. Group classes are very social in nature because you are sharing the class with other people. The classes can be anywhere from 5-20 students. No partners are needed for group lessons since SlavaTalent uses a partner-switch system. This system is ideal for social dancers because it allows people to get to know each other, learn from one another, and increase their lead/follow skills by changing partners.


Practice parties

SlavaTalent Practice Parties are the perfect opportunity to practice the skills you have learned in your private or group lessons in a social environment. Practice makes perfect! That’s why SlavaTalent offers 3 weekly practice parties to allow students to make the most out of their personalized dancing program and help them to learn faster. Some of the benefits of attending our practice parties:

  • - Getting dressed up
  • - Practice what you’re learning and develop muscle memory
  • - Become comfortable on the dance floor and increase confidence
  • - A great work out with non-stop dancing
  • - Being part of fun, party environment with great music
  • - Opportunity to dance with many instructors and other students
  • - Increase your practicing before performances or competitions
  • - Socialize and meet new people
  • - Learn ballroom dancing etiquette and how to dance in a crowded room


New Student Special

We offer a New Student Special program for all new students of SlavaTalent. This program introduces the students to the variety of dances that we offer, the foundations and elements of dance, the benefits of a one-on- one lesson based program, group lessons and practice parties. Additionally, students will experience all the benefits of a social dancing environment, receive an evaluation of their dancing level, the customization of individual dance goals, and discover everything that SlavaTalent has to offer.


Social dancing

SlavaTalent raises the bar of excellence for social dancing students. Our mantra is that every student, social or competitive, should be given the same high-quality instruction so that everyone can feel equally confident out on the dance floor, whether you’re looking to perform or simply surprise your partner with some new salsa skills.
Our instructors are fully certified to work with you to attain your social dancing goals. Here are just a few of the many benefits to social dancing:

  • - Relieves stress
  • - Great hobby and lifetime investment
  • - Improves overall health and fitness
  • - Improves posture
  • - Increases confidence
  • - Learn to appreciate a variety of musical styles
  • - Date nights or a fun night out with friends
  • - Participate in local event
  • - Keeps you young; dancing improves brain speed and memory
  • - Meet new people and be part of the large local dance community<
  • - Opportunity to get all dressed up and go out
  • - Learn how to dance confidently with any partner, anywhere!

So whether you’re looking for a wonderful date night idea with your partner, a new fulfilling hobby, or a fun new way to get active, SlavaTalent Ballroom Dance Studio is the place for you!


Competitive dancing

DanceSport competitions are organized events where people of all ages and levels participate in the sport of ballroom dancing, both as amateurs, professionals, and Pro-Am divisions. Going to a competition is a fun and thrilling experience. Students who don’t compete are always encouraged to join as spectators to support their fellow students and enjoy a weekend away filled with competitions, professional shows, fancy dinners, workshops, socializing and general dancing.


Kids Program

SlavaTalent offers group lessons to kids and young adults below the age of 18. Our kids classes are a great way for kids to have fun, discover some new styles of dance, and build confidence. Children who wish to compete can be part of SlavaTalent's kids competitive program. These programs include private lessons to further increase their technique and improve their dancing.


Wedding program

Whether you’re looking to wow your guests with an extravagant performance or you’re worried about dancing in front of a crowd with two left feet, SlavaTalent is where wedding couples choose to learn when searching to create a memorable first dance. SlavaTalent has created a wedding program designed to make your first dance as easy, fun, and enjoyable as possible. Our professional instructors follow a checklist to guide you in preparing for a successful first dance by:

  • - Identifying your needs.
  • - Helping you choose a song if needed.
  • - Making a fun and easy choreography that is customized to your dance floor and music.
  • - Teaching you how to dance in wedding attire (long dresses etc.).
  • - Filming your steps to help you to practice outside of your private lessons.
  • - Helping you gain confidence to get over stage fright.

Wedding couples may practice together any time during the studio's open hours, free of charge.