Veycheslav Tudorovsky

Owner / Dance Director & Instructor

Veycheslav Tudorovsky started his dancing journey at six years of age in Ukraine and has since then qualified as a professional dance instructor in latin and standard dances in the International style as well as rhythm and smooth in the American style. He has taken extensive coaching lessons with some of the best coaches from around the world.

Throughout his successful ballroom career, Veycheslav has represented Ukraine, Israel and Canada in professional championships and has in recent years been competing with students in the Pro-Am competitions across North America.

He cannot imagine his life without ballroom dancing and loves to transfer his great passion and experience to all new or advanced students. Veycheslav has a deep commitment to training dancers in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

“Dancing is my passion, my life and my happiness. The challenge of taking a student with no dance background and making them into a great dancer is my ultimate success”
Veycheslav Tudorovsky